Bear and Puppy

Puppy and Bear live in North Eastern Illinois, in the Chicago Suburbs. They share a mutual love of Animals, especially dogs, the outdoors, travel, and going on adventures to explore and capture moments to share.

Puppy is Zachary Bishop. He is the curator for a local county history museum. A historian with a passion for local history, especially focused around the Midwest, Zach is also a talented amateur photographer and writer.

Bear is Ash Miller. He is the Customer Liaison and Web Administrator for an amazing web and app development company. An graphic design hobbyist, his passions focus on making all kinds of items and creative pieces using laser cutters and engravers, print, vinyl, fabric, and so many other materials.

Bear and Puppy met in Chicago Illinois in May 2018 and got engaged at The Morton Arboretum in December 2019, with their wedding planned for May 2021.